Friday, February 12, 2010

The Notebook Buffer



Author: Uncle Al

My idea of a good evening is to sit in front of the TV with my notebook on my lap. I can be entertained by the TV and informed by my computer while I glance at Fox News and correspond with my kids. But, like everyone else, my little notebook puts out heat like a charcoal grill, and, after awhile, my lap’s on fire! It’s amazing how many notebooks are ruined by overheating! know the computer need airs circulation to keep it cool, so I haven’t used pillows or a towel underneath. I’ve tried making various forms of lap platforms from household items, all of which were not very stable.

Cooling Your Notebook
The As Seen On TV people picked up on this new pad, the Notebook Buffer, that you put under your notebook so you can use it as a laptop without burning your thighs. This lightweight pad measures 15” x 10.5” and is made of a high-tech fiber woven to allow air to circulate in the pad. So, when you place the Notebook Buffer between your notebook and your lap, your computer stays cool and your lap does too. It really does allow you to turn your notebook into a laptop without fear of causing damage to your computer from overheating.

It sounded like just what I needed, so I ordered it. The Notebook Buffer is weighs under four ounces; it’s cushiony soft, rollable, foldable, bendable, but resists crushing. On my lap under the notebook, it conforms to my legs and gives the notebook room to breathe. So now I don’t have to worry about ruining my notebook because of overheating and my legs aren’t frying any more. Because of it’s composition and construction, it will be great to put in my computer bag for travel protection too.

I’ve ordered a pink (they come in pink, black and blue) Notebook Buffer for my wife and have told my kids about it. The total cost (including shipping) of about $28. is little enough to pay to protect my computer investment. They also included some interesting freebees that have come in handy. The Notebook Buffer really is a cool notebook tool!

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