Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Tushee Towel



Author: Uncle Al

When you’re retired, looking for unusual things is a great hobby, especially when you happen to hear “Tushee” on TV. I just happened to catch an As Seen On TV promo that touted Tushee, not a bad thing at any age! The commercial is written as a rhyme; someone took great liberties with iambic pentameter! If you can get past the poetry, the product may have value. The Tushee is quite simply a moisture absorbent seat protector made of velour. It comes in three sizes, the Original (25” x 57”), the Lounger (27” x 96”) and a Tiny for children sized chairs. It’s constructed so that it folds over to attach securely to any chair or lounger.

As I looked at the TV commercial, I thought of my younger days when I spent my life at Daytona Beach on a sandy lounger. Of course, we tried to put a beach towel on the lounger, but the great ocean breeze always caused it to flap around. What a neat thing to have had then! In the summers now, I find that I’m having to put a towel on the patio furniture to protect my rear from the heat, so the Tushee would keep my buns from getting baked. We've got a couple of patio chairs where the fabric is worn, so it may make a good slip cover for them as well. My golfing and boating days are over, but the Tushee would be good for any sitting surface left in the sun, golf carts and boat seats especially.

For me, sometimes having to sit somewhere that my not be the cleanest is a problem. I can think of movie theater seats (are they ever cleaned?) and the seats on an airplane. I really think it’s better that we don’t know who was there before us, but the Tushee looks to provide excellent portable protection for what they may have left behind. Being velour, it’s washable so that’s a plus.

I’m going order two for us just to see if we like it. We do travel a bunch so I know it will come in handy on the plane plus on the patio this summer. For about $28, I think we’ll get our money’s worth. If it works out, the Tushee will really make great gifts for our family still living in Florida where fun in the sun and beach sand is still a fact of life.

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