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Pop Memoris of the 60's from Time Life

Pop Memories Of The 60’S--Do You Remember?

Pop Memories Of The 60’S--Do You Remember?

Author: Uncle Al

There are a bunch of us baby-boomers and beyond out there! In the sixty’s, we were either flower children or wanting to move to San Francisco to see what it was all about. Graduating high school in 1960, having a beer with the buds on the weekend was about it for the “getting high” excitement. In the South, we heard of something called “pot” that you smoked, but that was mainly what they did in Frisco and New York. We had no clue, and really didn’t think about it much.

Culture of the 60's
The sixty’s was really a decade of change and unrest, not only in our country, but in the music produced then. When I heard on an As Seen On TV spot that Time/Life had put together a comprehensive 10 CD collection of pop and easy listening favorites highlighting that decade, I was all ears. As I listened to a sampling of the music in Pop Memories of the 60’s, it brought back memories long since forgotten. I remembered exactly where I was when JFK was assassinated...the assassinations of RFK and MLK...such a decade like this country had never seen before. Gas---under 50 cents a gallon---”Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”---the anti-war flower children. Listening to the previews brought back a flood of thoughts, some happy and some not so much. But it was a time in my life that I can truly be glad I lived in---and enjoyed some really great music by gifted writers and artists.

The CD's
So, I did a little research to find exactly what hits were on each of the CD’s, and thought I’d give you my favorite from each CD:

  • Disc 1: Running Scared--Roy Orbison

  • Disc 2: Walk Right In--Rooftop Singers

  • Disc 3: This Magic Moment--Jay & the Americans

  • Disc 4: The Way You Look Tonight--The Lettermen

  • Disc 5: Crazy--Patsy Cline

  • Disc 6: Unchained Melody--Righteous Brothers

  • Disc 7: Spinning Wheel--Blood, Sweat & Tears

  • Disc 8: Since I Fell For You--Lenny Welch

  • Disc 9: My Special Angel--The Vogues

  • Disc 10 (Instrumental Gold): Last Date--Floyd Cramer

All the selections on all 10 CD’s were really on the mark, so I did order the Pop Memories of the 60’s set. I figure that for $12.95 a month I’ll get my money’s worth, not only in entertainment value, but for bringing to mind some really great memories as well.

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