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Practice Like a Pro

Practice Like A Pro: Short Game Practice Techniques

Practice Like A Pro: Short Game Practice Techniques

Author: Uncle Al

PRACTICE LIKE A PRO: Developing Your Short Game

I guess I’m what’s called an avid Spring/Summer/Fall golfer. I don’t enjoy the game during the Winter. There’s just not a whole lot to be said for playing golf on courses where everything is fighting to stay alive from the cold. Brown backgrounds and bare trees just don’t do anything for me. Also, there’s the clothing. While tremendous advances have been made in fabrics, I still have to bundle up...and bundling up means not being able to rotate this old body properly. So, my winter game largely consist of going to the practice tee to try and hone my short game and putting. I don’t have much of a problem getting off the tee, it’s just around the green that kills me and keeps my scores high.

So my golf winters are spent trying everything to begin the Spring a little bit better that I was in the Fall. When I saw Dr. Bob Rotella talking about the Practice Like A Pro DVD set on an As Seen On TV spot, I saw a way that I might speed up the process. I’ve read several of Dr. Bob’s books. He’s a sports psychologist renown for working with a lot of the pros on all of the Pro Tours; PGA, LPGA and Nationwide. I think I enjoyed “Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect” most of all because it was a great look at life as well as golf. So, I spent the $70 and ordered the “Secrets of the Short Game” DVD set.

The Five DVD Set
The five Practice Like A Pro DVD’s came, and I have gone to work. It was pouring when they came, so the first disc I watched was the Pros on the practice round. It was very entertaining to see the interplay between the players, plus being able to pick up tips. Not that I’m good enough to put them to use right away, but at least I hadn’t heard of them before. Since I often get the “yips”, the Putting Feature Disc was next. Great stuff...especially the portion on what to do before your round to get your head on straight on the green. I enjoyed Disc #2 on “scoring clubs”...knowing what to use when has always been a dilemma, and knowing how to refine my thought process in club selection is just great. That led me into Disc #1 that I’m going to school on. Getting advice from some of the top Pros is showing me where I have swing faults and how to try to correct them.

Then there’s Disc #4 with Dr. Bob. What a super session that is! Golf is truly a game that you have to get yourself under control if there’s to be any hope for conquering the golf course. Then, bringing your scores down requires refining that mental skill. Dr. Rotella is a master of these mental self-control and self-esteem techniques, and he shares his advice in an understandable and logical manner on this disc.

I think by the time Spring gets here, my golfing buddies will be reimbursing my cost of Practice Like A Pro many times over!

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