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Couples Snuggie

Couples Snuggie: A Valentine's Day Snuggie For Two

Couples Snuggie: A Valentine's Day Snuggie For Two

Author: Uncle Al

Do you ever wonder who invented holidays? Like, who ever thought of “Grandparent’s Day”, or “Secretary’s Day” or “Valentine’s Day”? Do you think it was a guy named “Hallmark”? What better way to feed your family for generations than to make up holidays where, if you don’t remember the honoree, you’re no better than mud for weeks thereafter. On second thought, I think it was a lady named “Hallmark”, because I bet the women way outnumber the men as card recipients!

Valentine’s Day is a biggie. Either cards, candy, flowers or any combination thereof is the favorite gift that men give. Of course, we have to remember to do it first. Around here, men generally put everything off ‘til the last minute. So it’s always getting up early on the holiday morning and running to the local food mart for a marked down something or other. The women don’t like it much, but after a couple of generations of this sort of gift giving and receiving, they’ve come to expect it. Life in Alabama!

The Couples Snuggie
This year though, I’ve got it socked! I have ordered a Couples Snuggie for Valentine’s Day. After I saw the As Seen On TV commercial, I went to my computer and parted with the $19.95 (free shipping) for the Couples Snuggie. Of course, we’ve all seen the Snuggie...from the Original Snuggie, to the Designer Snuggie, to the Collegiate Snuggie to the Snuggie for dogs. Just when we thought they were done, here comes The Couples Snuggie.

For years in the evening, the little lady and I have been curling up on the couch with a ratty old quilt made by some relative in the Civil War era, and spend most of the night trying not to pull it off of each other. Evenings on the sofa become chilly in more ways than one! The couples Snuggie should remedy this situation. It’s a thick fleece blanket measuring 81” by 71” with dual opening for heads and arms. So, once we’ve donned this Snuggie for pairs, we can sit together on the sofa under a fleece blanket with our arms free to do whatever. No more fighting to stay covered or fear of dislodging the blanket when we shift positions or reach for something. Under a Couples Snuggie with my hands free, sounds like a winner with the potential for some interesting evenings! It should make a great Valentine’s gift for my honey and me!

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