Friday, April 9, 2010

Bark Off Controls Dog Barking

Bark Off is Not A Bark Collar

The first thing I noticed when researching Bark Off is that it is not a bark collar. For me this was great news because I hate those things. But if it's not a Bark Collar then what is it?

The Bark Off is a completely different method of Dog Barking Control and in theory it is a great alternative to traditional methods. The barkoff is a little device that emits ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to humans but will catch a dogs attention. By doing this, the dog pays attention to the sound it's hearing and it's thoughts are diverted from the barking behavior.

Basically, these ultrasonic waves interrupt the dogs barking pattern without causing any harm to the animal. Further, it allows you to control barking behavior because you choose when to turn it on. If you are sitting in the living room and your dog starts to bark, then flip the switch and in a few seconds your dog will stop barking. If you're smart you will say some type of command when you flip the switch and then your dog might learn to associate the command with the behavior. (that's just my take) - Read More on Bark Off

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