Friday, April 16, 2010

Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control

Bark Off

Dog training is hard enough, but training a dog not to bark can be near impossible. Dogs will roll over, beg, play dead and fetch just about anything but staying quiet, forget about it.

But, Bark Off is the great new As Seen On TV Pet item that changes all of that. This new battery operated device emits an off ultrasonic sound wave which will interrupt your dog's barking pattern. Just turn it on and your dog will pay attention to the Bark Off and not whatever else is making him bark. It's a very humane pulse which is inaudible to humans, but disruptive to dogs. Just turn it on and it is completely automatic dog barking control.

The Bark Off is small and completely portable so you can use it wherever you are. Indoors or outdoors, it makes no difference to the Bark Off.It's activated as soon as your dog, or better yet, your neighbor's dog starts to bark. It won't quiet the dog down the street, but if close enough, the ultrasonic waves can do the trick and quiet down any pooch.

If you search online for Dog Barking Control, you will see similar devices of which cost $70 or more, but the Bark Off is just $10 plus shipping and handling and in the tradition of any great As Seen On TV Item, there is a buy one get one free offer right now. There is extra shipping but the second Bark Off unit is free.

So if you are suffering with annoying dog barking, give the Bark Off a try!

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