Monday, April 5, 2010

Bark Off on the Ellen Show

Bark Off Anytime Ellen mentions a product, the searches on Google go through the roof. Bark Off is no different. Ellen has poked fun at this silly product but does it work?

BarkOff Bark Control

BarkOff Bark Control is something that is music to my ears. There is nothing more annoying than hearing your neighbor's dog barking all night, and for me there is nothing more embarrassing than having it be my dog's barking that the neighbors are complaining about. But, how can you train your dog not to bark? Is there even such a thing as real bark control? Look, a lot of Dog owners spend a lot of time training a dog not bark but to no avail. In extreme cases they seek out surgery for bark control but that seems very inhumane. You can tell when a dog has had this surgery and their faint little barks are heartbreaking, and still quite annoying. So let's see what BarkOff is all about and if it might work. (Read More on Bark Off)

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