Monday, April 26, 2010

Dog Barking Control With Bark Off

The Bark Off Dog Barking Control device is making quite a stir these days. It's obviously one of the most successful As Seen On TV Store items to come out in 2010 but does it work? Well first, perhaps I should explain what it is intended to do.

The Bark Off is an apparent solution to the annoying problem of dog barking. We've all been faced with this at one time or another and it can be excruciating. You know, you are trying to sleep and the neighbor's dog is barking all night, or you're trying to watch TV and you can't seem to quiet your dog.

Some dog barking is a really great thing. It's an obvious deterrent to for criminals and can alert you to all types of dangers, but what do you when you just don't want to hear it anymore? Or better yet when you can't stand it anymore. Some type of dog barking control is in order, but which one?

Shock collars seem inhumane and training a dog not to bark can be difficult. Even if you are successful you might risk the dog's understanding of when to bark at the sign of trouble. After all, barking is an instinctual way for out dogs to communicate with us and stifling that might be a bad thing.

So the Bark Off becomes an interesting option because of how it works. Basically, when turned on it emits a harmless ultrasonic wave that is not audible to humans but quickly gets the dog's attention.

Whenever your dog begins to yap, the unit is activated and the ultrasonic wave is emitted. It does no harm to the dog and simply interrupts the dog's barking pattern. The theory is that if you can distract the dog's attention from whatever the cause of its barking is, then it will stop. The ultrasonic wave just commands the dog's attention and they forget what got them barking in the first place.

In theory this is an awesome idea, but in practice it might prove difficult. If the Bark Off really works, I for one want to know about it because it could be the perfect solution to my dog barking issues.

My particular problem involves a neighbor's dog. It's really a great dog but he loves to bark late at night and although my neighbor's say they try to control it, it's become a nuisance for everyone. Unfortunately, the area the dog likes to hang out is literally 10 feet from my bedroom window. The Bark Off is supposed to work at a decent distance so theoretically I could place the unit by my bed and flip it on at night. If it's successful, then the dog will either stay quiet or move somewhere else and my problem will be solved.

Hopefully, this little invention will put an end to the annoying yapping of our little friends but in my opinion the jury is still out. It's tough to imagine that a simple little contraption like this could be the answer but sometimes the solutions to some of our biggest problems are really easy.

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