Friday, April 2, 2010

Outdoor Chair Covers - The Tushee

The Tushee Towel Outdoor Chair Covers

The Tushee is an outdoor chair cover but has got to be the greatest name for an As Seen On TV product ever! When my contacts in the As Seen On TV world told me this was coming out I literally had no idea what this silly product could be. All I know is I loved the name.

To tell you the truth I was pretty disappointed when I found out the the tushee, was an outdoor chair cover. But, like the Snuggie the the tushee towel could be a huge hit simply because of the silly factor.

The product itself is actually pretty useful and we've all been in the position where we could use one of these things. The idea is that it's a protective cover for just about any seat or any situation you may find yourself in. The tushee will protect you, supposedly, from heat, cold, dust and dirt by providing an extremely comfortable buffer between you and the surface you're sitting on.  So in actuality this outdoor chair cover can be an airplane chair cover, a movie theater chair cover or just about any chair cover.

But, before we take a look the product let's watch the hilarious tushee commercial. I really got a kick out of it the first time I saw it and I'm sure you will too.(more Outdoor Chair Covers)

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