Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Emery Cat Scracther

Emery Cat The wildly popular Emery Cat is getting a marketing boost. I'm not even sure that Emery Cat needed any help because I the product everywhere! Allstar Products Group is behind the new campaign which I expect to see starting next week during National Pet Week. One thing I have learned since I became addicted to As Seen On TV items, and their silly commercials, is that people love to buy stuff for their pets. The As Seen On TV pets market is loaded with products and they keep on coming. Just this year alone we've seen the Dog-E-Minder, Bark Off, Snuggie for Dogs and the list goes on and on. So it's no surprise that Emery Cat is a huge hit and I expect it they'll be selling them by the truck load. I've heard complaints regarding over charging on the official Emery Cat website, but I've also read in forums that the problem was addressed and corrected. But, when ordering any product online pay attention to what you are doing. The Emery Cat is a buy one get one free offer so a lot of people probably check off 2 instead of 1 on the order form. That's the most likely source of the problem so be careful. I happen to think the Emery Cat is great for any cat who will actually use it. Some cats take to it immediately because of the catnip infused surface, but others don't seem to care. If your cat is one who is drawn to the Emery Cat, then you'll be happy with awesome little scratching board.

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