Friday, April 2, 2010

Laptop Pads

The Notebook Buffer Laptop Pads

Now the Notebook Buffer Laptop pads struck me as a rather cool as seen on TV item when I first saw it because it followed the tradition of a being something that solved a specific problem and was pitched to us in a ridiculous way. Which means I loved it.

I hadn't had a lot of experience with cooling laptop pads and I certainly didn't know if this would be the best notebook cooling pad but it certainly looked intriguing. Being an As Seen On TV junkie, of course I bought one because even if it wasn't that great, I could still use one.

I've only been using laptops for a couple of years and the heat build up after use is really noticeable but I never saw it as much of a problem until recently. I have a desk at work and when I leave for the day there's a nice warm spot where my laptop was but it hasn't been an issue.

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