Monday, March 22, 2010

Tank Nanny

Tired of your propane tank rolling around your car when you go to refill it or exchange the tank? No matter how you try, it finds a way to slide around your car. I have tried wedging it between the front and back seat; place it in the trunk hoping the spare tire will hold in place. No matter what, it finds a way to move. I recently found who turns out to be a car seat for your propane tank. It is called the tank nanny.

As stated above, the tank nanny is made to secure your propane gas tank in your car like a child’s safety seat. The tank nanny looks like a big dog dish. You place your tank in the “dish” and it is held there. A great feature to this is the built in seat belt loop. This allows you to belt the tank holder in place.

The tank nanny is simple to use and install. It only weighs 4 pounds so it is very light to use and install. Installation is as simple as placing on your car seat and using your seat belt to secure it. You can also just place it on the flat surface in the cargo area of your SUV or pickup. There is no assembly required to use it.

The tank nanny is made of 80% recycled plastic and is available in many colors.

You can also use this to help prevent your stored tanks from getting tipped over. Instead of having to bolt or screw the tank to the base of your grill, simply place the tank in the tank nanny under your grill for ease of use and safety.

If you plan on grilling and having BBQ’s this summer and dread dealing with a dirty rusty propane tank rolling around your car, order the tank nanny today and save yourself those problems.

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