Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Tank Nanny - Seen On TV Items

The tank nanny is one of the coolest products I've seen in awhile because it's simple and keeps us safe. The Tank Nanny solves a problem that most of us don't even realize we have and just bringing the issue to light will change the way we transport our tanks.

When you make the trip to refill your tank, you shouldn't worry about safety. Tanks rolling around in the bed of a pickup, getting rust on your car interior, and the nightmare of where a propane cylinder is going to end up should you need to emergency brake are gone. The Tank Nanny delivers safety first, and it's been tested up to 30 mph without additional buckling, and it showed no signs of tipping. On top of that, the Tank Nanny has a side slot feature that allows you to 'Buckle-In' the Sitter for even more peace of mind, and added protection. The Tank Nanny helps prevent propane from rolling over or tipping during transportation, and allows you to 'buckle-in' your tank for unstoppable protection.

Further it's scientifically engineered to prevent tipping at 35mph Emergency Stop speeds, without buckling! Another plus is that the company makes the product with up to 80% recycled plastic which is great for the environment and they plant a in honor of every Tanknanny sold. So I'm thrilled to support this made in the USA company. But most of all, the tank nanny gives me piece of mind when filling my propane tank. I worry about it bouncing around the car, the trunk or trailer. Now at least I can feel safe.

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