Sunday, March 21, 2010

As Emery Cat Stratching Board

So the Emery Cat scratching board arrived in just over two weeks and as soon as I opened it and layed it out for the cats they went nuts. It’s obvious to me that they went after the cat nip, but anything that would train my adult cats to scratch in a specific place was fine with me. I knew the lure of cat nip would eventually fade, but my hope was that my cats would be fully accustomed to the Emery Cat Scratching Board by then. Neither of my cats cared much for the little fluffy toy which is attached to the scratching board. They just rolled around and scratched on the scratching surface, and did so quite a bit. I think the Emery Cat inspired them to stretch and scratch more than they would naturally but the product got their attention.

I do believe that my cats’ claws have been manicured and remain dull compared to their condition prior to their new scratching post. My Emery Cat Review has to be a positive one because my cats seem to like it, I don’t have to clip their claws which saves me money at the vet, and I haven’t noticed any new damage to my furniture or door frames. However, I must be honest and say that I didn’t buy any new furniture and never really measured the full extent of the damage before I bought my Emery Cat.

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