Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yudu Review

Forget The Yudu, my usual idea of creativity is to use strawberry instead of grape jelly on my peanut butter sandwich, but I’ve got a couple of nieces that are super creative that this would be perfect for. When the AS SEEN ON TV people picked this up, the little lady saw it first, and suggested it as a Christmas gift. These girls are teenagers, and are always being very inventive with ways to express themselves. With this YUDU SCREEN PRINTING gizmo, they will be able to create personalized designs on their own shirts, and express themselves with whatever art work they want transferred to almost any surface they want. As I think about it, I imagine the YUDU would also be a great thing for a parent buy to provide innovative “together” time with a child. There’s got to be a ton of fun artistic and useful projects that parents would enjoy creating and working on with their children.

The Yudu Screen Printing Machine allows you to create designs with artwork that you made yourself, or to use others that you really like. This little printing system gives you the freedom to print all of the transferable designs that you want on most any surface you choose including tee shirts, posters, flyers, clothing and more with very little clean-up problems. The wonders of technology! Used to be you had to go to a printing shop to have any of this done, but not any more. It will be interesting to see what my nieces do with this.

The Yudu appears to come with all the supplies you need to start personalizing and transferring designs. Then, there’s a whole list of extra stuff that they list that comes with it; in fact they value the extras at $120. The machine will set you back $33.00 plus shipping, but if it provides a creative outlet for the young and young at heart, I think it’s worth it.

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