Friday, March 12, 2010

Heel Tastic Cracked Heel Treetment

Several months ago I heard that Heel Tastic was the best cracked heel treatment on the market. I didn't want to try them for review purposes or anything, I was looking for a cracked heel remedy for myself. But, I did not want to buy a bunch of expensive cracked heel treatments to find out that none of them worked, so I set out to read heel stick reviews and other online reviews of skin creams. My issue was not exactly how to heal cracked heels, it was more for cracked skin in general. I tend to lay on the floor and use my laptop. My elbows scrape against the carpet and get cracked and ashey. I have no problem with dry skin anywhere else on my body but my elbows look terrible. Regular hand cream and body lotions do nothing and they are really greasy. There's nothing worse than glopping on cream and putting on a long sleeve shirt only to have the sleeves stick to your elbows and create a huge stain. I'd seen the Heel Tastic Heel Tastic infomercial with Billy Mays and I remember seeing the Pitchmen episode featuring the heel stick, but I have always been reluctant to buy as seen on TV products because of the carnival like sales pitches. By the way, if you do a little digging, you will find that Heel Tastic is the new name for the Heel Stick and these cracked heel treatments are exactly the same. In fact, the same remedy was being sold under the name Luxuriant Cracked Heel Repair in salons, and this quite possibly still might be the case. Regardless of the name this cracked heels remedy is being marketed under, the heel tastic commercial was very compelling. It was also disgusting, but that's how they do things in the As Seen On TV product world. I didn't need to see people sand blasting their nasty feet but the point was well taken. What I was interested in was did Heel Tastic Work. In the Heel Tastic Tastic commercial it did, but those people are probably paid for their testimonials or friends of the inventor. You really never know with these types of things. Find out more about Heel Tastic in my next post. I love the stuff and I think you will too.

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