Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Perfect Fit Buttons Work Great!

Perfect Fit Button

Have you ever bent over and had your pants or skirt button pop off and fall to the floor? The only time these embarrassing things seem to happen to me is when I’m out socially, or I’m trying make a good impression at a business appointment. So when I heard about the Perfect Fit Button I was thinking that it would be awesome if they worked, and If I had a few in my purse just in case. Instead of hoping I had a safety pin in my purse, I could actually have a quick fix and forget about it.

The Perfect Fit Button is a temporary replacement button that comes in four colors: khaki, black, brown and silver colored for jeans. The button has a post that extends through the pants fabric, and is secured with a clip the inside of the waistband. The post is strong enough to go through denim, corduroy, suede or leather, so it’s applicable to my whole wardrobe. The buttons are so nice looking that no one would ever know that they’re a temporary fix. In fact, there really is no reason to replace a lost button unless you are a stickler for something sewn on.

When I saw the commercial, I thought of all the different uses for the Perfect Fit Button and ordered. I got two sets of four for under $20, and they threw in a bonus Shoes Under storage container. I know I’ll be using it every month “at that time” when I bloat like crazy and I can’t button anything for a week. I’ll just easily expand the waist of my wardrobe for the week, and be back to normal for the rest of the month.

I’m slowly encouraging my husband to start using the buttons, too. He’s buying these pants with the expanders in the waistband. The only problem is that when the expanders are working, his pants pockets open up and expose the white inner pocket lining which looks just terrible. With the Perfect Fit Button, he can buy pants without the expanders, and increase the waist size to accommodate his ever expanding belly. Once he puts on his belt, no one will ever know. I’ve also told my daughter about these buttons. With the cost of raising kids today, hand-me-downs are still a fact of life. As her kids are growing into the hand-me-down pants or jeans, this will help to make sure the waist fits securely.

Since I’ve received the Perfect Fit Buttons, I’ve been carrying them in my purse. I’ve told several of my friends about them because I love to share handy stuff and I know I few have ordered their own. I haven't had anyone tell me they regret getting these things and it seems I find a new uses for them constantly. They work great on tents when it's time to batten down the hatches during a rain storm. Nobody is laughing at the lady who brought her purse camping now!

The Perfect Fit Buttons really are a neat idea...wish I had thought of it

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