Friday, March 5, 2010

Emery Cat Scratcher Review

When I first saw the Emery Cat commercial I did nothing more than laugh because the sound effects were so funny. I never even really noticed the product or what it was intended to do. I just saw some cats running around and scratching stuff.

As the product began to catch and the commercial was running more and more it hit me that I needed the Emery Cat. Well, I needed something like the Emery Cat because I was having some issues with my cats. Like most cat owners my furniture had taken a beating. It's natural for cats to scratch and stretch and most seem drawn to furniture because the upholstery allows them to dig in and enjoy themselves.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to invest in really ugly scratching posts that don't seem to work. It seems that the cats would like the carpet covered posts but I've never known anyone who really claims to have had much success. My cats never took to their scratching posts no matter what I tried. Since the ones I happen to find were pretty unsightly I had to keep them in back rooms where I thought the cats would hang out but they didn't go for it. My cats, even though fiercely independent, tend to go where the action is and that means the living room. The scratching post have been too big and ugly to have in the living room so I pretty much gave up.

So the Emery Cat offered a solution. First, it's small so it won't take up precious indoor real estate. Next, this honeycomb design they mention for the scratching surface will actually file their claws down. I can't tell you how cool this is. I've tried to trim their claws myself and it's been a bit of a bloody painful mess for all of us. I don't take my cats for grooming so the only time they get their claws trimmed is at the vet and it's pricey. So if the cats like the Emery Cat and use it enough to file their claws down, then they will do less damage to the furniture if they still decide they can't live without it. I couldn't resist the upside, so I decided to buy Emery Cat.

To Buy Emery Cat was a total of just under $28 with the shipping and handling and even though I don't understand shipping and handling, the Emery Cat was cheaper than any scratching post I had seen in the pet store. I have read some stories about shipping costs but just don't accept bonus offers and you should be fine. Anyway, It took less than two weeks to arrive and I was ready to test it out.

I had forgotten that it was infused with cat nip and that's probably the most brilliant part. My cats took to it immediately. At first they rolled around on it but soon learn to stretch and scratch. I felt the scratching board was a little flimsy but it seemed to support the cats and it didn't move much when they were in the attack mode.

They didn't care much for the little furry toy attached to the Emery Cat but I certainly didn't care. My concern was my furniture and would the Emery Cat work. To my surprise, I found my cats going back to the Emery Cat often. I believe the cat nip lured them in and help them develop the habit of using Emery Cat as their scratching board instead of the furniture.

I cannot really substantiate if their claws are much shorter but I can say they are less interested in my couch and door frames. They still spend a few moments stretching out at the couch but they don't seem to dig the claws in as much. When they do, they seem do stay for a shorter period of time. It's almost like they are saying "been there, done that" and that's exactly what I needed.

My review of the Emery Cat is a good one. It's seemed to work for me, at least for now. I don't know if you can find Emery Cat in stores but it's readily available online if you want to try it out. As with any product, I would read reviews and testimonials before you buy. Look for the positives and negatives from people who've tried it out before.

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