Monday, March 15, 2010

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The Bag Bundle

If you are tired of stabbing your feet on kids toys, digging through your junk drawer or trying to pack an organized toiletries bag, then the Bag Bundle will turn your messy nightmare into a sweet dream.

How Does The Bag Bundle Work?

It's a simple, versatile storage system that provides 2 feet of hanging space for three interchangeable pouches. Fill them up, peel off when you want to use the contents, and replace it on the fastening strip when done. From helping your kids become more independent or getting rid of bathroom clutter, to having the perfect travel companion, Bag Bundle will simplify your life. The pouches are made of durable clear plastic that allows you to quickly and easily see what is inside. It is also an attractive, space-saving alternative to ugly and obtrusive storage bins.

BagBundle is perfect for just about anything!

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