Monday, March 29, 2010

Medical Alert System

Personal Medical Alert System

A Personal Medical Alert System is any type of electronic device designed to let arrange for help in an emergency. If you are a senior citizen,disabled or simply a person living alone, you may want to consider buying a personal medical alert system.

Personal Medical Alert Systems usually have three components: a small radio transmitter which is usually worn as a pendant or wristband; a console connected to the user's telephone; and an emergency response center that monitors calls.  However, now a days, many personal emergency response systems like Freedom Alert have no need for monitoring and/or monitoring fees. They simply allow you to program emergency numbers in your system with the ability for direct contact.

In both cases, when an emergency response is needed,the user presses the transmitter's help button. It will send and immediate radio signal to the console. The console will then automatically dial one or more pre-selected emergency telephone numbers. Most systems are pre-programmed to telephone an emergency response center where the caller is identified. If your medical alert system is monitored, then the operators will try to determine the nature of the emergency. If you are using a medical alert system such as Freedom Alert, your emergency contacts will fill that role. You will be able to dial 911 as well as contacting any of several contacts you've input into the system.

Medical Alert Pendants
Most of the Medical Alert Pendants are light weight, battery powered devices that are activated by pressing one or two buttons. Again, they can be worn as a pendant or on a wrist band, or they can be carried on a belt or in a pocket. It's important to keep in mind that if your Personal Medical Alert systems is in fact battery powered, then you will need to check the batteries often to insure your system is in working order. Some units will have an indicator to help you know when to change batteries.

The Base
The base acts as the nerve center which transmits alert through the phone lines. It works with any private telephone line and generally does not require rewiring. If you have more than one phone extension, a special jack or wiring may be required to enable the console to seize the line.

If you are interested in buying any type of Personal Medical Alert Device, it is important to consider several systems before making a decision.
If you choose a system that is professionally monitored, find out if you can use the system with other response centers. For example, can you use the same system if you move? Compare pricing, features, and servicing of each system Make sure whichever system you choose is simple to use.

There are so many choices out there that it should be easy to find a medical alert system to meet your needs.

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