Monday, March 15, 2010

Emery Cat Scratcher - Stop Cat Scratching


Finally, the Emery Cat Board represents a new style of refreshing and superior cat board on the market. The Emery Cat is specially designed to help people keep their cat looking and feeling super with regard to claw trimming. This Cat Scratcher is like no other. The honeycomb surface feels like a nail filer enabling your cat to cut away the sharpness from their claws. So in theory, there's no more cutting too close or even too much when trying to clip your cat's claws on your own.

To help attract cats, the actual cat board can be infused with irresistible catnip. If it's successful, this will cut down on trips to the groomer or vet. Taking cats to your veterinarian for nail clippings is great, but it's pretty expensive. Further, if a cat can file their own claws it would be better for them as well. Cats realize exactly where the delicate part of their nails tend to be. They are not going to file down to far causing pain or discomfort.

The Emery Cat Board is actually a perfect match for kittens and cats compelled to scratch on furnishings, curtains, wood, and almost anything else they like to get their claws into.

Let's face it, extracting cat claws is definitely high priced and, to me, it is definitely cruel. It does not alleviate their desire to scratch and just leaves them frustrated as well as defenseless. Remember de-claw means indoor cat and this seems to go against the nature of our little friends.

To Sum Up

* Your cat now has the ability to file their own claws

* The Cat Board is be strong enough to be able to suit much larger cats

* Spend less time and even cash for veterinarian visits

* The Cat Board incorporates an important arch style and design making this excellent for your cat to stretch and also scratch

What You Get

* Cute fun cat gadget

* Container of catnip

* Tough Cat Board Base

* De-shredder

* Another Free Emery Cat Board but you have to pay shipping.

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