Friday, March 12, 2010

HeelTastic - Seen On TV Items

This is part two of my Heel Tastic review. I began with a little bit about the product and now wan to talk a little bit about how it was first sold on Pitchmen. Then I will admit to loving the product and where to get some.

What was interesting was the taping of the Heel Stick episode of Pitchmen. Here, Billy Mays and Sully went to a salon and gave the Heel Stick to some normal women and asked them to try it out and report back. They all loved it. Usually I would say "yeah right" but because the Heel Stick was on Pitchmen I took the reviews to heart.

On a show like Pitchmen they need bad products as well as homeruns to make the show interesting. It seems that viewers love to see failure more than success, and if Billy Mays got the chance to crush someone's dreams because their product stunk, then he would take it. That's Showbiz. So based on the Heel Tastic Reviews, I decided to take the plunge.

It took a few weeks for my Heel Tastic to arrive but once it did I was very happy. The Heel Tastic cracked heel remedy delivered on all promises. Now granted I didn't extactly have cracked heels, but the commercial said it worked on dry cracked knees and elbows so I cannot say for certain it will work on everyone's nasty feet. My Heel Tastic Review is based on Elbows alone and I couldn't be more thrilled.

First, Heel Tastic Heel Tastic is pretty much greaseless so there is no sticking to clothing or smearing onto furniture. It takes a minute or two to dry but it does seem to penetrate the skin and heal from within. It's definatly not just some surface cream. Next, you don't have to use it that often. My dry cracked skin was pretty lush after about a week, and I don't remember having to apply the heel stick very often. Now I only use it when I remember and I do this only as a preventative measure. There's no more dry elbows and nobody would notice that I had any type of dry skin issue at all. The stuff works on elbows and I imagine it will work equally as well as if not better than other cracked heel treatments.

If you are looking to buy heel tastic I think you still have to buy online. To the best of my knowledge it is not available in stores as of yet. I know a lot of people hate buying as seen on TV products because of the shipping and handling but there are deals out there to make it worth the hastle. I think the best thing about buying heel tastic online is that you are not going to have to buy it a lot. The Heel Stick lasts a long time and by the time you need a refill, it will probably be in stock at your local drug store.

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