Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cracked Heel Relief is Heel Tastic

Heel Tastic Cracked Heel Relief I happen to love Heel Tastic for Cracked Heel Relief and I'm not the only one. Sure putting any type of cream of your skin has its drawbacks because its all going to be a little greasy and but heel tastic dries quickly and really works. So here's what they say about it. You be the judge.

Say goodbye to those problems of the past with the new miracle roll on balm formulated especially for chronic cracked dry skin. Your skin will feel smoother and softer than you've ever imagined and you'll see amazing results in days not weeks or months.Heel Tastic contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oils, as well as skin moisturizers, and special nutrients specifically formulated for promoting healthy skin. Heeltastic is gentle enough to use several times a day. So get baby soft feet now and get rid of cracked heels with Heeltastic.

Newell says:

I’ve tried everything and this product started to work for me within 2 days. I’m so happy that I can walk BAREFOOT this summer and not have to cover my feet with SOCKS everywhere I go. ALSO, the price is really good. I’ve only used this for two days and I imagine this product will last at least one month. Compare the price of this once a month to having a pedicure every other week (or weekly if you go that often). I will definitely purchase this product again. It smells STRONGLY of GINGER…..but I like ginger (heck, I have some in my fridge right now), so it wasn’t a big deal to me. Rating: 5 / 5

IllinoisMom says

Heel Tastic is a great product which works after the first use. However, the cheap flimsy packaging leaves a lot to be desired. The push up stick pushes up all right but when touched to the skin it sinks back down again. It is almost impossible to use without holding your thumb inside the channel to hold it back in place. Why not just put this stuff in a jar? Is it too much to ask? Might even be cheaper for the company. Rating: 3 / 5

InTheWoods says:

I’m a former Marine, wilderness backpacker and spent a good bit of my childhood running around barefoot building up calouses, and I inhereted dry skin from my mother.. I’m also a former truck driver that for years had to shower in public showers. So I no doubt have been exposed to just about every kind of foot nasty there is. A few years ago my feet started getting severely dry and cracking in the winter, and the callouses on them get like leather/wood. I mean the soles of my feet literally get like a block of wood or full grain leather you’d find on a hiking boot. I mean to the point where it is painful to walk on them because of the cracks. I’ve tried everything, even sanding and rasping the callouses off. I’ve tried soaking them in everything imaginable and nothing worked. I’ve been to podiatrists, who have been virtually useless except as it regards taking my money. One prescribed an oral anti-fungal that did nothing but give me headaches. Another gave me a prescription for a $90 tube product that was similar to smearing axle grease on my feet. Another told me about a alpha hydroxy exfoliating product at my local drug store that did nothing. My feet were soft for about 5 minutes. Little to no effect. I’ve tried practically every topical mainstream anti-fungal product I could find. Little to no effect. This is the only product that works on my feet. It apparently kills whatever is infecting my feet and softens them at the same time. It’s nothing short of a miracle. In as little as 2 overnight applications my feet are noticeably improved, and within a week of nightly use they are back to being healthy, pink feet again. The applicator makes applying it easy. The smell is not unpleasant and not too strong. But it does have a smell. I advise using it at night under a pair of socks. I’m convinced that if it will work on my feet, it will work on anybody. I can’t explain it. All I can say is whatever is in it (appears to be natural oils) works on my issue. And after witnessing first hand the results from this product I have to question what is wrong with modern medical science. If you have foot issues similar to the ones I’ve described above, try this. It is worth every penny. Rating: 5 / 5

s0hmam0miji says:

I have to admit that I was skeptical when I bought the product. However, that being said, I was pleasantly surprised with how well the product worked, even after just one application. :) Definitely worth the money if you have cracked heels or elbows. Rating: 5 / 5

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